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Economic Development and Business Expansion

Small businesses are the backbone of our local economies. They are also a path to economic independence for individuals and families as well as prosperity for a community.

Increased School Funding

Public school funding has seen historic rises in the past two years. But with COVID, mental health issues, gun violence, and the continued need to feed as well as educate students, we can always do more.

Intentional Criminal Justice Reform

Ensuring timely access to justice, protecting our youngest offenders, and easing the transition back into our community is the moral way to approach detention and punishment.

Expanded Access to Healthcare

Healthcare is critical to a thriving and healthy community–from prevention to care to mental health resources.

Strengthening our Infrastructure

The underpinnings of a strong society are oftentimes invisible–transportation, energy, communication, sanitation, and public health. But it is the responsibility of our government to ensure that these systems are safe and upgraded.

Accessible Vocational Training

There are multiple paths to career success after high school. As we face a looming shortage of skilled laborers and tradespeople, it’s more important than ever to make these resources available to all.

Environmental Protection Reform

We only  have one planet, and we need to protect it and the people who live here.

Protection for the Right to Organize

Unions protect workers and the integrity of the work week, including weekends, paid time off, and holidays. We all benefit from strong Unions.

Representative O'Neal has been working on the following issues from the State House:


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