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Protecting the Right to Organize

Unions protect workers and the integrity of the work week, including weekends, paid time off, and holidays. We all benefit from strong Unions.

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HB 5813 - Putting Workers First

  • In February, 2022, members of the Michigan House Democratic Caucus, including Rep. O’Neal  joined a coalition of labor voices in downtown Lansing in support of the United Six — a group of electricians formerly employed by United Electric Contractors. In a lawsuit filed last month, the group alleges that UEC maintained a retaliatory and hostile work environment where racial slurs and discrimination against Black and brown workers were commonplace. They held the demonstration in front of the Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan’s Lansing office — the trade association affiliated with UEC. 

  • Rep. O’Neal said, in support of the United Six and the rally, said,  “I wholeheartedly support the United Six in coming forward to speak their truth. The kind of discrimination they describe should horrify us all. Those who perpetuated this abuse and those who simply turned a blind eye and let it continue must face the consequences. I join my colleagues in demanding justice for these brave workers.”

  • My colleagues and I held a press conference in Lansing to stand with our Michigan unions as we introduced a labor bill package to restore organizing, collective bargaining and workers’ rights. Every day, our workforce fights for fair treatment, and this package will help protect and empower them to secure their economic future. 


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