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Enviornmental Reform

Rep. Amos O’Neal has co-sponsored these pieces of legislation designed to protect both our natural resources and the public health of our communities.

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HB 4777

Add a new subpart to intended to protect ‘Overburdened Communities’ that have historically had higher levels of air pollution.


Those seeking permits to build new industrial plants near residential areas will have to prepare an ‘Environmental Impact Justice Statement.’


This legislation gives the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) more authority to deny permits when public health is endangered.

HB 4280

Amends the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act to define "Likely disparate impact area" [as] a zip code area where emissions occur under 35 or more permits.


This many permits indicates a concentration of emissions, which could indicate poor air quality for residents and poor health outcomes as a result. 


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