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Increased School Funding

Public school funding has seen historic rises in the past two years. But with COVID, mental health issues, gun violence, and the continued need to feed as well as educate students, we can always do more.

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HB 5643 - School Aid Act 61 (c)

  • One informational hearing in subcommittee

  • This morning, the Subcommittee on School Aid for Appropriations held a hearing for my bill to amend the state’s School Aid Act to allow for a more equitable distribution of 61 (c) equipment funding. Currently, of the 53 Career Education Planning Districts (CEPDs), only 14 areas qualify. This is necessary funding to help so many areas across Michigan invest in the programs that will advance so many of our youth. My bill will allow for all areas to apply for this funding.

HB 5583 and HB 5584

  • Last week, I introduced one bill in a package of two that would help communities, counties and schools across our state that are struggling to fund essential services due to depressed property values. In Michigan, we rely heavily on property taxes to fund schools, counties and local governments. This works very well in communities, counties and school districts where land values are high, but is failing over two-thirds of our communities, counties and school districts where land values are low.

  • Under this program, counties, cities, townships, villages and school districts would receive matching grants to raise their millage revenue up to the statewide average in taxable value per capita. The legislation fills that gap between the revenue the local millage generates and the revenue that would be generated if the community’s tax base were the statewide average. The legislation is designed to start as a pilot where school districts, counties and local units of government can receive grant revenue toward two mills of property taxes they are levying that are dedicated to eligible purposes


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