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Additional Legislation

HB 5513 - Election Package

  •  I introduced one of nine bills that helps protect our right to vote. Voters should not be penalized if the mail is slow. My bill will ensure that all ballots postmarked by election day and received within 72 hours of an election are counted. After the 2020 election, there were so many bills across the country that aimed to restrict citizens’ fundamental right to vote. Proposal 3 passed by a 2-to-1 margin enshrining voting features like no-reason absentee voting. Our vote is our voice, and we must protect this voice so all Michiganders can be heard. 

  • In session, I voted against three bills that passed out of the House. House Bills 4837, 4838 and 4840 are bills that offer a solution seeking a problem and ultimately do much more damage to our democracy than their proponents realize. The facts are clear and have been reaffirmed over 200 times — our election system is safe, secure and accurate. We’ve spent several months wasting time on this political theatre instead of finishing the budget and addressing the important work of governing our state.

Amos has also worked on these pieces of legislation during his time in the State House.

HB 5372 - Domestic Violence Package

  • October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and I was so pleased to help introduce bipartisan legislation to strengthen domestic violence protections in Michigan. Currently, Michigan law does not prohibit domestic abusers from possessing guns. Senate Bills 678 and 679, and House Bill 5371 and my HB 5372 would close this dangerous gap by prohibiting individuals convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence crimes from purchasing or possessing firearms.

  • Research has found that the federal law prohibiting gun purchase and possession by people convicted of DV-related misdemeanors led to 17% fewer gun-related homicides among female intimate partner victims and 25% fewer gun homicides among child domestic violence victims. We must hold Michigan to a higher standard and do everything we can to pass this package into law and better protect individuals.

HB 4916 - Peer to Peer Car Rental Reform Package

  • Innovation is taking place throughout the car rental industry. Technology advancements are paving the way to tomorrow’s autonomous vehicle future. Peer to peer car rental companies should be held to the same standards for tax parity, airport regulation, and consumer protection. My legislation, House Bill 4916, along with HBs 4915 and 4917, would help bring these new platforms into compliance to better protect consumers that utilize these new and convenient car rental apps.

HB 4905 - Sanford Dam Support Package

  • The flooding and devastation in Midland and Gladwin counties that resulted from aging or neglected dams should be a wake up call to other areas of the state with the potential for similar problems. That is why I was eager to find a solution to restore the four lakes in this community while also addressing the need for safety improvements to dams in other areas of our state.  House Bills 4903-4907, including my bill HB 4905, is a bipartisan package designed to address these challenges. 

  • These bills will create the Michigan Dam Repair & Improvement Fund to provide grants for the repairs identified by the Four Lakes Task Force. It can also be used to fund grants to repair other dams throughout the state. They will also create three additional funds: the Dam Risk Revolving Fund, Dam Safety Emergency Fund, and the Emergency dam Safety Grant Program.  

HB 4665 - Library in Every School Package

  • Recently, I joined with my colleagues Darrin Camilleri and Matt Koleszar to introduce a package of bills to improve and increase library access for students across Michigan. The three bills, House Bills 4663 - 4665, would require that every public school in Michigan has a library equipped with both print and electronic resources and staffed by a certified media specialist.

  • My bill, HB 4665, would specifically require a principal or other appropriate administrator to supervise students when the certified media specialist is not present. Every student deserves access to a library. I am so excited to bring legislation forth that can change the entire educational path to a student’s academic success.

HB 4184 - Marijuana Reform Bill 

  • Passed House waiting in Senate

  • Last week, the House unanimously passed my House Bill 4184, which would create better efficiency in our court systems by allowing magistrates to conduct informal hearings for civil infractions under the Michigan Regulations and Taxation of Marijuana Act. I am honored to see this common-sense fix for our judicial system and look forward to working with my colleagues in the Senate to get my first bill to the governor’s desk as quickly as possible.

HB 4183 - Condemnation Notification

  • Received one committee hearing so far 

  • which will amend the Housing Law of Michigan to delete language allowing for enforcing agencies to use discretion in notifying owners of violations and add a requirement for owners to notify tenants of any violations. 

  • Under current law, an apartment complex can be given a violation, that if not corrected, can result in condemnation. Oftentimes this condemnation notice is given with only hours for families to vacate. Requiring more transparency between enforcing agencies and owners will help keep all tenants safer and better prepare them for emergency circumstances. 


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